About us

We are Kristel, Kevin and baby Kiara. We are the family behind Kotomili. Born and raised in Mauritius, settled in France, mixed origins, blend of cultures, we are one of so many facets of the Mauritian diaspora. This is what the Kotomili brand is about, celebrating the Mauritian identity all around the World.

Kotomili Mauritius Fundraiser Collection Cover

How it all started

In the aftermath of the Wakashio oil spill on the South-East coast of Mauritius in July 2020,  we decided to rush the launch of the Kotomili brand, make the first design, create a fundraiser T-shirt collection. The first designs are T-shirts which provide a sign of engagement and support to the people and a way to fund active NGO’s on the ground. 100% of the profits from this collection went to local NGOs fighting the Wakashio oil spill and restoring our environment. The NGO’s we helped were the following:

How it grew beyond fundraising

The mobilisation and unity of the Mauritian population has been extraordinary  and unprecedented since the Wakashio event. From oil boom handcrafting to the impressive gatherings in Port-Louis, Mahebourg and around the World, Mauritians are at last seeing themselves As One People. We wanted to celebrate all this with our new collection called Unity. This designs are for the Patriots, the Mauritian Population, the Diaspora. To proudly wear our colours, let’s proudly affirm our identity!

We've created a lot more since then, take a look

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