Mauritius has a rich and diverse culture and celebrates Asian, European and International festivals and special days. The New Year, Thaipusam cavadee, abolition of slavery, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s day, Maha Shivratri, Independence Day, Easter, Ugadi, Varusha Pirappu, Holi, April’s fool, Labour Day, Mother’s Day, Eid, Music Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Divali and Christmas. We have decided to come up with a new design for each of these events, check out the ones already available.

Designs in this collection

Available on dark and light colours

Mama ki mari dan lakaz Mother's Day T-shirt and mug
Mwa mo kontan mo sega by Kotomili Mauritius
Mwa mo kontan mo sega giant floor pillow
Ugadi framed poster
Thaipusam cavadee premium tote bag
A Redbubble exclusive item
Maha Shivratri Ganga talao framed poster
Puthandu Varusha Pirappu framed poster
The Last Dodo T-shirt by Kotomili Mauritius
Design derived from our Easter illustration
Tropical love Valentine's T-shirt
1835 Abolition of slavery in Mauritius T-shirt
1968 a country was born poster
Vintage Mauritius framed art
Our labour day illustration and tribute
Extinct Mauritius framed poster by Kotomili
Design derived from our April's fool hoax
Jummah masjid framed art
Jummah masjid Port-Louis green tote bag
Chinese New Year of the Golden Ox T-shirt

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