The mobilisation and unity of the Mauritian population has been extraordinary  and unprecedented since the Wakashio event. From oil boom handcrafting to the impressive gatherings in Port-Louis, Mahebourg and around the World, Mauritians are at last seeing themselves As One People. I wanted to celebrate all this with my new collection called Unity. This designs are for the Patriots, the Mauritian Population, the Diaspora. Let’s proudly wear our colours, let’s proudly affirm our identity! This collection is not part of the fundraising campaign.

Designs in this collection

Available on dark and light colours

Mo fier mo morisien tote bag
Home means Mauritius T-shirt
Dodo tribe baby onesie
Dodo tribe T-shirt
Hope for Mauritius T-shirt
Hope for Mauritius kids T-shirt
Unity for Mauritius T-shirt
Stella clavisque maris indici T-shirt
Mauritian stripes mask
1968 a country was born poster
The Diaspora stands with you T-shirt
55 years of independence T-shirt

The Motherland all-round printed mug
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