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Shirley Cotte and her incredible Napolitaines made in Milano

Because the Kotomili brand celebrates the Mauritian identity all over the world, I couldn’t miss Shirley Cotte’s incredible Napolitaines made in Milan. Pastry chef, passionate, creative, artist, she is a sensation with every post on Facebook. I decided to find out more and share it with you.

Cynthia, a story of dhall puris in Italy

A second Mauritian, passionate about cooking in Milan… After Shirley Cotte and her incredible napolitanes (read her interview here), I met Cynthia Sandean. Not quite by chance, Shirley and Cynthia are good friends who met by chance in a building hall in Milan. That’s amazing. Cynthia is 29 years old. Her passion is on the salty side: dhall puris. Let’s get to know her.

14-day quarantine into Mauritius with Christian Lan

40 years old, living between Paris and Mauritius, Christian has seen his pleasant routine, which would make many dream, suddenly put to the test since March 2020. Stuck in Paris, with the confinements, the masks and the winter, he finally decided to brave the infamous fourteen-day quarantine to return to Mauritius. He tells us about it.

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